Breaking Bad in the Movies, on TV, and in Music

Bryan Cranston at the Academy Awards this past weekend

Cranston at the Academy Awards this past weekend

Bryan Cranston, aka Walter White, has had a very busy weekend.

Many of us might have noticed him at the Oscars this past Sunday for his major role in the movie Argo, which won the coveted best picture award as well as best adapted screenplay. In the film, Cranston played CIA manager Jack O’Donnell. In reading the script for the Argo, Cranston said that “It all starts with the written word and when actors read something that’s this intense and descriptive and visceral, we gravitate to it.”

This isn’t the first time however that Cranston has been involved in a best picture level movie. In 2007, in fact, he played a supporting role in Little Miss Sunshine, which was also a best picture nominee.

In addition to his major role in Argo, Cranston narrated the Discovery Channel’s one –hour special, titled “ARGO: Inside Story,” which aired this past weekend about the real-life events behind the movie. This special is an update to the Discovery Channel’s 2002 original broadcast documenting the event, and it is only fitting that they brought in Cranston to add his narration to it.

heisenbergNot only has Cranston touched the media of movies and television recently, but also the medium of music. According to Rolling Stone, wildly popular Electronic Dance Music (EDM) group Above and Beyond has released a preview of their upcoming and long-awaited new mix, Anjunabeats Vol. 10., with one of the most buzzed about tracks being titled, “Walter White.” At many of their recent promotional concerts for the new release, the British trance group has referenced the Breaking Bad show while playing the track. “This one goes out to Walter White…aka Heisenberg,” announced Tony, one of the members of the trio, to a crowd of thousands of fans a few weeks ago. As we know, Heisenberg is the name Walt uses in his drug dealing business. Many fans have expressed their excitement that Above and Beyond has drawn a connection from the show to their music, even if it is just through the title. It’s another win for Breaking Bad.


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