Season 2, Episode 5: Breakage – Live Blog (Part 1 of 4)

This episode has started off with a scene that might foreshadow what’s to come for Hank’s character. Two men carrying small bundles cross a muddy river and stumble upon the glass cube that encases Tuco’s grill. If you remember, this was the trophy Hank was given by his DEA squad for finding and defeating the drug dealer Tuco who they had been after for months. Now the prize has ended up here, on the side of a muddy river…but how? My first guess is that Hank and his team will end up in some kind of confrontation or battle with what may be left of Tuco’s drug ring, and perhaps they will take Tuco’s grill back in the scuffle. On the other hand maybe Hank put it there for a reason…too soon to know.

We see Walt finally getting some good news about his cancer treatment in that he may be “cautiously optimistic.” But this small ounce of happiness is instantly crushed when he receives the bill for his treatment.

part 1

At home Walt is throwing up into the toilet, but it won’t flush. After he tries to unclog it, a pack of cigarettes floats to the top. The look on his face gives it away. He knows they’re Skyler’s. I’m sure Walt will angrily confront Skyler about this later, and will probably use this as ammo to get the attention away from his own drastic mistakes and onto hers. I’m sure a Walt-Skyler blow-up is just a few minutes away.


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