Season 2, Episode 7: Negro y Azul

In this episode, we see the aftermath of Jesse’s run-in with the junkies. Since everyone thinks that Jesse killed one of the junkies, rather than his own girlfriend, people have been paying up right away and not giving Jesse or his crew of drug dealers any problems whatsoever. Even Jesse’s friends think that Jesse killed someone. The only person who knows the truth is Walt, but he has no intention of clearing up the rumors when it seems to be working so greatly to their advantage. With this, we see a hard, unfeeling business side to Walt. He will do anything he can to make both him and Jesse look like the most ruthless, violent, and powerful guys in the drug game, just so that no one will mess with them and, more importantly, so that they can control the market and raise the price of their product. While building up his rep as a bad guy, Walt fails to see what is going on with Skyler, as usual.

Skyler has just gotten a job at Beneke Fabricators, a company where she used to work. Ted Beneke, the owner and someone who clearly has an eye for Skyler, gives her the position she used to have almost on the spot. We can see that their is obviously a connection between the two. Ted seems like the kind of man that Sklyer should be with. He seems like the total package compared to her husband who is constantly acting shady and lying to her. It’s no wonder why Skyler was so happy to talk to Ted who, as we find out from Marie, had a previous flirtatious incident with Skyler when she used to work there. We will definitely be seeing some interesting interactions between these two, and possibly even an affair. Even so, after all that Walt has put Skyler through, if I had to guess I would think that she won’t go through with cheating on Walt…but it will definitely cross her mind.

Hank goes through some more traumatic incidents in this episode…exactly what he doesn’t need at this point. As he tries to play his typical rough, macho man self in his new position, he finds that no one takes him seriously because of it. These agents are a bit more advanced than he is and use their patience and smarts to get the answers they want, which is something Hank has never relied on duringĀ  his career. Hank’s job gets severely chaotic when a bomb explodes from the severed head of one of the DEA informants. Many of Hank’s fellow agents are maimed, with Hank only being able to survive because he had ran off to vomit from the sight of the head while his colleagues stood and laughed at it. Hank has been slowly but silently crumbling from all the trauma he has experienced, and I wonder what will happen now that he has been through yet another devastating experience.

Like Skyler, Jesse also comes across his own romantic encounter with none other than Jane. I’ve been waiting for these two to get together since the moment they met. You could just see right from the beginning that there was a connection between them. They both hang out on the back porch as Jesse smokes and Jane draws a tattoo. When Jesse asks why she doesn’t have any tattoos herself she replies that “it’s too much of a commitment.” Though that may be a clue in the fact that Jane doesn’t want to get serious with Jesse, she softens upĀ  to Jesse later in the episode when he invites her to his apartment. As he squirms impatiently trying to get his satellite TV to work for them, Jane reaches out and holds his hand. Though they are both sitting on lawn chairs in Jesse’s ramshackle apartment, the scene is very cute and romantic. I can see Jane bringing out a very softer side to Jesse…something that may conflict with his drug business. It will be very interesting to see what unfolds between these two.