Season 2, Episode 6: Peekaboo


Walt and Jesse both face some tough situations in this episode, with Walt’s concerning his personal life and past relationships while Jesse’s involving his reputation as a drug dealer. We see Jesse totally transform from start to finish in this episode. In the opening scene, Skinny Pete gives Jesse information on 2 junkies that robbed him so that Jesse can do what ever it takes to get their money and drugs back, or as Skinny Pete says, “Those two need to get got.” To save his reputation as a major player in the meth business, Jesse has to teach these two a lesson..and a violent one.. so that no one dares to mess with him or his friends again.

Outside of the junkie’s house, Jesse smokes some meth to get himself ready for what he might be about to do. For some reason, it was weird to see Jesse smoking the meth himself…in recent episodes we haven’t seen him actively doing the drug, just selling it. To see him doing it again must mean he is REALLY nervous, as he probably should be. It’s clear he has no idea what he is walking into when he enters the house, or what he is going to do. He does know that this encounter might result in him taking a person’s life if things go the wrong way…but I don’t think Jesse has got that in him.

Jesse finds that the junkies aren’t home, so he sits on the couch to wait for them. Suddenly, a little boy, who has clearly been neglected by his drug-addicted parents, sits on the couch next to Jesse and turns on the home-shopping channel, which is the only station the TV gets. He turns to Jesse and says “I’m hungry.” You can see the shock on Jesse’s face that this little boy even lives in this dirty, ramshackle house, neglected by his parents and left alone all day to take care of himself at the age of five.

Meanwhile, Walt faces a sticky situation of his own after Gretchen learns that Walt has been telling Skyler that her and her husband are paying for Walt’s medical bills. After Skyler calls to thank Gretchen for being such an angel to them, Gretchen proposes they meet that afternoon as she cannot find the words to even ask what is going on.


After Walt sees Gretchen’s car in his driveway, to his relief she did not reveal anything to Skyler about the lie but leaves the house the second she sees Walt. Later, Walt and Gretchen meet at a restaurant where Walt ends an angry and emotionally charged conversation with a “F*** you” to Gretchen. He is enraged that Gretchen wants an explanation after her and her husband made millions of dollars off of his research.

This hardened attitude of his that he uses as a drug dealer has really crossed over into his personal life. If we had flashed back to before Walt started dealing meth, I don’t think anyone could have imagined him cursing like that at a woman. We also see this happen when he lets Walt, Jr. get a glimpse into his other persona after someone from the high school draws over one of Walt’s old “Missing” flyers and puts it on his windshield. As they drive home, Walt proposes that Walt, Jr. and him violently teach whoever put the flyer there a lesson and describes in detail what they would do. Though Walt, Jr. just laughs, never expecting his dad to ever do something like that, it makes you think how serious Walt might have been considering he just ordered to junkies to be possibly murdered by Jesse.

At the end of the episode is where we see Jesse’s character go from seemingly violent to kind and caring. After confronting the junkies who promise they have his money in an ATM and are working to open it, Jesse yells at them for not taking care of their son and letting him live in a such a horrible situation. He shouts, “Give him a bath! Put some baby powder on him!” After the woman ends up killing her boyfriend after purposely tipping the ATM on his head, completely crushing him and passes out on the couch, Jesse miraculously opens the ATM and grabs a wad of money. He calls 911 and picks up the little boy and brings him outside. He tells him not to go back inside and to have “a good rest of your life, kid.” He leaves only when he hears sirens approaching, knowing that the boy should be able to get some help now.

Though it wasn’t the most organized or nurturing way of helping the little boy, it did take some guts for Jesse to call the cops to the scene while he was still there…knowing all of the trouble he has been in lately. I think Jesse saw some of himself in the little boy. Even though Jesse’s parents seem to be relatively successful people, they never seemed to be around for him from what we have seen of them. I think Jesse has always felt abandoned by his parents just like the little boy has always been totally neglected by his own. This has shown a much softer side of Jesse that I think will continue to develop with his character, and will also probably come into a lot of conflict as Walt and him continue to gain more power in the drug business.