Season 2, Episode 5: Breakage – Live Blog (Part 4 of 4)

ep-5-10Now we see Jesse’s business plan in action. It seems like everyone is buying from Jesse’s posse of friends. Jesse has showed himself as a skilled strategizer and businessman, not just the small-time drug dealer with no smarts that he’s been characterized as for most of the show. His plan for selling might even be better than Walt’s plan, because now they have more power and also less Tuco-type people to worry about.

That is until Skinny Pete gets held up by two junkies who take his meth and the money he had made…and Walt wants something done about it. But what he wants done he doesn’t know.

Junkies holding up Skinny Pete

Junkies holding up Skinny Pete

And now for the anticipated confrontation with Skyler about the cigarettes. Walt accusingly asks her if she knows anything about it to which she replies, “And then again, perhaps I don’t Walt. Perhaps I smoked them in a fugue state.” Round one goes to Skyler. When she admits to smoking three-and-a-half cigarettes, Walt says that this is so unlike her to which Skyler also comes up with a stinging response. “How would you know?” she replies. And Skyler wins. No matter what mistakes she has made, known could ever amount to the ones Walt has made. They both know this, and she uses it to her full advantage.

Is someone shooting a gun outside Hank’s house?? He wakes up and immediately grabs his gun and flashlight, confronting the situation exactly as he would a drug bust. He opens the door to the basement, nearly shooting Marie who surprises him. The caps on his home-brewed beer bottles are popping off, making a sound that exactly resembles that of a gun shot. Hank’s paranoia has clearly skyrocketed ever since his run in with Tuco. How he’s gonna handle his new promotion to an even more intense job? We will have to wait and watch.

And now someone is knocking at Jesse’s door. Jesse opens it and Walt walks in. There’s something very weird about seeing Walt in Jesse’s space, just as it was seeing Jesse in Walt’s house in the previous episode. Walt has always been very careful to keep Jesse at arms length and vice versa…their lives have become increasingly intertwined. Walt places a gun on the counter. “You asked me what I want you to do,” Walt says, “I want you to handle it.” Walt wants Jesse to confront the junkies that stole from them. Send them a message. Just like Tuco would have done. It’s the only way to keep the power and respect that they have now, which can be too easily lost if you’re not tough on those that cross you.

The episode comes full circle when Hank stands at the edge of the muddy river that we saw at the beginning and hurls Tuco’s encased grill into the water. We definitely have a lot more to see from Hank, and I’m glad his character is developing more and more. He plays a very interesting part in this show, not only as the DEA agent brother-in-law of Walt, but also as the crumbling macho man. Can’t wait to see what kind of trouble he runs into with his new promotion. Maybe with all the stress he’ll end up confinding in Walt as a “trusted” family member, which will make for some very interesting scenarios.


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