Season 2, Episode 5: Breakage – Live Blog (Part 3 of 4)

Now Walt and Jesse are cooking meth out in the desert, and are fighting about what their next move should be. Walt wants Jesse to keep selling, but Jesse says he can’t be out on the street selling because of his run in with the DEA. Jesse tells Walt, “We gotta be Tuco.” They have to start controlling the whole market so they can actually make and save some serious money instead of losing it all by dealing with crazy middle men like Tuco. Walt doesn’t like Jesse’s idea, to which Jesse fiercely takes a stand. This is one of the first time I’ve really seen Jesse stand up for himself. He says he’ll walk out on their partnership unless he gets to start making the decisions, and uses Walt’s old line of “You need me more than I need you.” Walt and Jesse really do have the most complicated, roller coaster of a relationship.

So Walt finally gives Jesse some credit. He agrees to do it Jesse’s way. We then see Jesse enlisting the help of his spacy friends Skinny Pete, Badger, and Combo. Jesse really takes charge in the situation and lays out a serious business plan and strategy for his friends to follow. Jesse has really become confident as a leader and strategizer in the drug game now, and it’ll be interesting to see if his plan really works out well for him and Walt.

At a family gathering at Hank and Marie’s house, we really see Skyler’s relationship with her sister come to a crossroads. Either Marie, who is the most annoying character on the show in my opinion, apologizes to Skyler for all the shoplifting and lies to her and her family, or Skyler’s out. It’s sad to think how that not only her sister, but also her husband, warrant this kind of ultimatum from her. After Marie finally apologizes, though it’s hard to tell how sincere it really is, it seems they have gotten their relationship back on track for now at least. I can, however, certainly see Marie shoplifting again, just now trying to keep it a better secret from her sister.


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