Season 2, Episode 3: Bit By A Dead Bee

Having just barely escaped from not only Tuco’s wrath but also Hank’s detection, Walt and Jesse bury their gun and set out into the desert. As Walt hitches a ride for himself, Jesse asks him if he thinks his next, and apparently elaborate, plan to return to his family will work. Walt responds that it will, although we do not know any details of this plan yet. In the next scene, however, things become almost a little bit too clear. Walt ventures into a supermarket, takes all of his clothes off, and walks around naked making it look like he is in a stupor.

bb-episode-203-photos-590-284x184Next thing we see is Walt in the hospital, looking at a painting on the wall of a woman standing on the shore with her children, waving goodbye to her husband rowing away on a boat. Then, Skyler and Walt Jr. walk in and have an emotional reuniting with Walt.  This painting will serve as an important constant and theme in the episode, and will be focused on again two other times.

Meanwhile, Jesse stakes out his house with a friend while the cops search the perimeter of his home. Since Jesse’s car was at Tuco’s house at the time of the shootout, the DEA suspects that he is tied to Tuco’s drug ring in some way.  Once the police leave, Jesse and his friend go into his house and clear out all the meth lab equipment and store it in another location until the heat is off him. All though this process, we see Jesse slowly starting to unravel. His stress level is obviously through the roof, and he can barely keep calm for more than a minute. Now with the evidence of the meth lab out of his house, Jesse instructs his friend to call the DEA from a payphone and tell them of his location at a motel. Now, Jesse wants to get caught by the police so that they will bring him in for questioning and clear his name from the incident, as well as any trails that could end up leading to Walt.

At the motel, Jesse hangs out in a room with a prostitute named Wendy. While Wendy snorts drugs, Jesse waits nervously and feverishly as he knows that the DEA are about to bust in through the door at any second. When they do, Hank snidely greets him and takes him in for questioning.

In the next scene, we are shown the painting from the hospital for the second time. While Walt briefly looks at the picture, we see that he is being evaluated by a psychiatrist. Walt tries to assure him that he is fine, but the psychiatrist firmly states that they have to determine what it is that caused the “episode of amnesia” so that it will not occur again. After failing to dissuade the psychiatrist from pursuing the matter, Walt decides to confess about the faked episode because this information is protected under patient confidentiality. He tells the psychiatrist that he had simply just needed to get away from everyone, and that is why he faked having amnesia. When the psychiatrist asked why he ran, Walt lists all of the reasons why his life is so depressing: his illness and impending death, his son’s cerebral palsy, his family’s financial troubles, their unexpected baby on the way, his teaching job that he is extremely overqualified for, and all of his colleagues surpassing him in every way. After this, Walt replies, “And you ask why I ran?”

Back at DEA headquarters, Hank has brought in Tuco’s wheelchair bound uncle to help identify Jesse as being involved in Tuco’s drug ring. With only the use of a bell to communicate, the old man glares hatefully at Jesse for trying to kill his nephew. Jesse fears he is done for. To his surprise, however, the old man does not identify Jesse as knowing Tuco, and Jesse is subsequently released. Jesse calls his dad, telling him he is zeroing in on a job doing data entry and asking for a ride. His dad says he is too busy, so Jesse instead goes to the waffle house with Wendy the prostitute.

Back at the hospital, Walt gets a call from Jesse, who updates him on everything that happened. He also tells him that the DEA confiscated the over 60 grand of Jesse’s drug money that he had left in his car at Tuco’s house. When Walt says they need to get back to cooking, Jesse is surprised and asks, “You seriously still want to cook?” Walt replies, “What has changed Jesse?” and hangs up. Even after everything he has been through with his life and family being in danger as well as being severely close to being exposed, Walt’s focus is still on cooking more meth in order to keep making more and more money. At this point, it is absolutely clear that Walt’s values have completely become centered on money, rather than his worried family.

ep-3-4That night, Walt remembers that he left all his drug money in a box of diapers in the baby’s room at his house. Worried that Skyler might uncover this, he breaks out of the hospital and sneaks into his house. After hiding the money behind an air vent, a light goes on in the hallway and Skyler sleepily walks by into the kitchen. As she pours herself a bowl of cereal, Walt Jr. also walks into the kitchen and asks if she is alright. She is clearly very upset and stressed, and they comfort each other as Walt watches from behind the door of the baby’s room. This sad scene serves as a foreshadowing for Walt of what his family is going to be like without him, even though now, as Walt has not been very present within the family as it is. Upset by this, Walt sneaks back out of the house and goes to a bus stop, where he sees one of his “Missing” posters that Skyler had put up. He gets on an empty bus and stares sadly out the window, seeming to reflect on what he has done to his family because of his actions.

Walt sneaks back into his hospital room, roughly jabbing the IV needle into his skin like a small punishment to himself. Then, he looks back at the painting for the third and final time in the episode. As the wife and children in the painting wave goodbye to the husband as he rows away in his boat, Walt to will soon have to say goodbye to his family. As Walt becomes more and more distant from them, it seems that he has already begun this process of his departure from their lives.

The next day, as Walt is being released from the hospital, Hank stops by to see how he is. He shows Walt and Walt Jr. the gift that his fellow agents gave him for taking down Tuco: a glass casing of Tuco’s silver grill. While Walt shudders at this, Walt Jr. is fascinated by the whole DEA operation. Standing side-by-side, Hank and Walt Jr. look more like father and son than Walt and Walt Jr. do.

Finally arriving home, Walt announces how glad he is to be back. Later that night, Walt makes a joke about his naked episode of amnesia. In bed, Walt turns to Skyler and says, “I’m still here. I’m still me.” At this, Skyler confronts him about the second cellphone, which Walt denies. She turns over, shuts off the light, and goes to sleep. Walt, who had leaned in to kiss her, does the same.


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